Rock Hudson with lasso on the set of Giant (0013)

Rock Hudson with lasso on the set of Giant (0013)

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Rock Hudson with lasso on the set of Giant

Today, Rock Hudson is talked about as an 'A'-list actor, having appeared in many low-budget Universal-International films in the early 1950s. His breakthrough role came with the 1954 release "Magnificent Obsession" in which he starred opposite Jane Wyman.

The 60s revealed Hudson's talent for comedy in a series of Doris Day pictures. Over the years, he was romantically linked to a bevy of Hollywood starlets, marrying just once, in 1955, to actress Phyllis Gates. They divorced three years later. In fact Rock Hudson had gone to great lengths to hide his homosexuality throughout his career. In July 1985, he announced that he was suffering from AIDS. 


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