Marilyn Monroe and Frank Worth (0031)

Marilyn Monroe and Frank Worth (0031)

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Marilyn Monroe and Frank Worth

Frank was a friend of the major stars and indeed had a close relationship with Jayne Mansfield and in particular with Marilyn Monroe who allowed Frank to shoot the infamous photograph of Marilyn with her dress blowing up which was taken one evening in New York for the film “The Seven Year Itch”, directed by Billy Wilder. The collection is littered with highly personal shots by Frank which reflects the intimate relationship between Marilyn and Frank over the years.


Photograph is derived directly from the Estate of Frank Worth, accompanied with a numbered tamper proof holographic seal and with the Estate Seal of Frank Worth.

Framed prints are professionally framed by a leading framing company, with matt black framing 2" in width and a thick card inset mount. Unframed prints are delivered flat, never rolled.